2nd July 2017 0 min to read

Meet Mike & Mandy and their furry children

Category : Life

Welcome to our very 1st Vlog where we give you a bit of a background as to who we are and what our vision is with future vlogs. We also introduce you to our furry children, and show you a little more of what is to come!

Stay tuned for:

✔️ Yummy cheat meals!
✔️ How to get a flat tummy with just 20 minutes of exercise a day
✔️ How to cook tasty meals in under 20 minutes
✔️ How to feel inspired again
✔️ Why it is SUPER COOL to workout with your kids
✔️ What we buy when we go grocery shopping, and how to stick to a budget
✔️ And so much more….



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