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What to do when the going gets tough?

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I was listening to one of my favorite authors the other day on the topic of ‘what to do when the going gets tough’. Wanted to share some of the content with you but with my own take on it.


Life is a blessing, but we all know it can get really tough at times. But through each tough time we learn, and grow, and this enables us to become more equipped for future problems that we are met with. But the problem is sometimes we are not equipped to handle certain situations, and that’s when these situation get the better of us, so here are 5 things that can help, and have certainly helped me in the past.


  1. Look after your BODY and MIND. Move your BODY, as in exercise each day, even if its for #20minutes. You are not in a physical war, I get that, so I cant say soldiers don’t go to battle without being physically fit BUT life can feel like a battle at times, so on the days that it is battering you, get out for a run or go and push some weights around. You will feel that much better. Keep your MIND active by reading each morning or evening, or start studying again. Ever notice how slow your brain becomes when you have not read for a while, or stimulated it with something other than the TV or iPad? Your brain is NOT a muscle BUT it acts like one, so work it!


  1. Guard your MIND. I say these words each time I am about to let negative thoughts or visions into my mind. Simple words, but huge outcome. Switch on the news and tell me how you feel after ten minutes? Inspired? Doubt it! Sit with a negative person for an hour and tell me how ready you are to take on the world afterwards? Thought so. Who you surround yourself with or what you listen to or watch can determine your outlook on life, which has massive effects on how you are going to be able to face those tough times!


  1. Find a mentor and stay close to them. If you are a business owner, feed off someone you know who runs a successful business and don’t be afraid to ask them for some tips or pointers. If you are a newly married couple, find a couple who have worked through many years of successful and happy marriage, and take note of what they have done to make it work. Find that person / people out there and make them your mentor!


  1. Get spiritual. I have a relationship with God, and spend time in prayer every morning. Find what works for you, and take some time out in your day to get spiritual.


  1. Give back. I love this one. I used to tell Mandy that one day when we are super successful we would contribute and get involved with organizations that we could help them out financially and give back. But then I realized why wait? Get involved now, with even something small. So I created the #MakeSomeonesMonday initiative where I take 20 minute’s out of my Monday to give back, or spend time with someone whom I can make a difference with. Imagine every single person in the world did this!



The above is not going to happen overnight, but if you can start practicing them they will start to form part of your lifestyle, which in turn will help get you through the tough times!


Michael Perkins – August 2017


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