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A Healthy Lifestyle Starts With Small Changes

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Where do I even begin?


It is a question so many people ask us when they have fallen behind with their health and wellbeing. It can seem like a massive mountain to climb when one has totally let themselves go and we all know the feeling all too well.


So what is the solution to without feeling totally overwhelmed? Well there are a number but today I thought I would share a real story that may just help some of you out there who are going through this.


A good friend of mine who lives in Europe messaged me this morning with a ‘feel good Monday story’. He used to train, and eat well, but the hotel industry caught up with him and slowly things went downhill. Very little exercise and a diet that consisted of mainly hotel food that consisted of large portions led to an increase in his weight and a drastic change in his body shape.


So just two weeks ago he decided to limit the following things that has already had a drastic change to his abdominal area and improved his confidence to a point where he now wants to get back to his training.


So where did he start?

He started with some very small changes to his daily diet:

  • Halved the portion sizes of his meals at the hotel for lunch
  • Cut out the sneaky desserts after lunch
  • Did away with all of the bread he was eating
  • Brought his coffee down from 6 cups to 2 cups a day as I have always recommended.

His wife commented just yesterday on the change in his stomach, and this tiny improvement has already sparked a desire to now want to get out there and start his daily exercise again.


Sometimes you don’t need to turn over a massive forest in just one day, but simply start with a small tree. If you can see some results in a space of a week this will lead to a spike in your confidence, which then has a knock on effect!


So I hope I have inspired some of you to make some small changes in your daily nutrition, and please go and check out our you tube site for some FREE #20minute HIIT workouts that you can do on your own or with your friends!


Mike Perkins, 11th September 2017


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