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How movement helps beat depression

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Motion creates Emotion, which helps beat the Big 3 – stress, anxiety and depression.


Love this saying. For as long as I have worked in my passion which is health and wellbeing I have preached this to people as it has been proven time and again that moving your body each day whether it be a power walk or your daily workout, exercise is the natural cure for depression, anxiety and stress.


Think about it – when you sit and stress about something and you continue to sit and not move and you keep thinking about it, you only make that problem seem bigger and larger than it is. However if you get up, put your running shoes on and get out into the fresh air and move, all of a sudden you start to think new thoughts. I call it new thought patterns. The scientific word for it is neuroplasticity.


I’ll give you an example of this – animals in the bush create bush paths. These are the same paths they use day in, day out to walk to their favorite water hole. Your brain is the same, if you continue to think the same negative, sad thoughts day in, day out you will eventually create these deep paths of depression that your thoughts continue to travel down each day.


Imagine you get up one day and tell yourself that today you are going to attempt 20 minutes of exercise, and you do it again the next day, until you create a 20 minute ritual that each day you get out and exercise for 20 minutes. All of a sudden you are creating new pathways in your brain that are leading to the water hole called happiness.


Does that sound crazy? Well it’s the truth. Studies have proven that exercise can help mild depression as good as an anti depressant!


Each time you move, your body release chemicals called endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to morphine! I think that is amazing….give me more!


You also feel better when you are a part of a community as it gives you a sense of belonging. In our case, a fitness community or group where you know you will be around people who are in the same boat as you.


Recently a corporate client emailed me telling me she had just come out of a KPI meeting with her manager and reported that she was a different person in the office. She was no longer moody, irritable and she now brought a positive vibe into the office. What had changed? She had simply started training twice a week with one of our corporate groups after work.


So start small, by just moving your body today, repeat again tomorrow and again next week. Give it a couple of weeks and watch how your mood changes.


Mike Perkins, October 2017

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