29th October 2017 2 min to read

Why are we so busy?

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Next time you ask someone how they are doing listen out for their answer – it will probably revolve around how busy they are right? And why does time seem like it is flying by these days?


This is a topic I think about often, mainly because I love life so much that I want more time on this planet and at times it feels like my life is flying by, which for someone like me can create some anxiety because you tend to feel like you are running out of time and there are so many people you still want to reach in helping them lead healthier lives!


The two go hand in hand – when you are busy time goes by very quickly. When you are bored and have nothing to do it creeps by right? So that leads me to the question as to why are we so busy then?


I think we make our lives busy. They should not be any busier than when our grandparents were around, but they are. And I think there is a one massive contributor to this and its called a mobile phone. Wait, its called a smart phone. It is a fantastic tool to have, but these days we walk around with this shock collar in our back pocket that is buzzing 24/7. We know what our friends are doing, we know who’s just been on holiday, at times it feels like we were on holiday with them! We know about friends of friends on the other side of the world and where they work, and how they recently broke up with someone! Its insane isn’t it?


I think having all this info at our fingertips fills up our hard drives which are our brains, and when your hard drive fills up you have no more space for creativity, thoughts or dreams.


So as much as I love my smart phone, and I am also to blame for making my life busy all the time, I am going to start turning my phone off for an hour or so in the evenings to just be ‘disconnected’ for a little bit. Think about when you have gone on holiday and you have not had reception how nice it was?


Smart phones are amazing things, and social media and the internet has opened up so much for us, but there also comes a time when one should just be disconnected for a few hours in the day.


Free up some space in the hard drive, and see how you start feeling creative again, and things won’t always seem so busy either because you will just have time to be on your own for a bit.


Mike Perkins

October 2017

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