21st November 2017 1 min to read

3 Plants that you can protect your body against Electromagnetic Fields…

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Electromagnetic Fields come from Electricity, these fields occur around electronic devices like computers and cell phones. Research is showing that these electrical and magnetic fields can have a subtle and sometimes not so subtle effect on the human body.


With the majority of people spending a large portion of their day in front of some sort of electronic device, I thought it would be an awesome ideas to share 3 GORGEOUS plants, that you can place in your home and office, that are brilliant at absorbing the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Fields.


Number 1: The Cactus

These are GREAT solution, as they are easy to grow & do not require much care. Putting a cactus plant on your desk or in your room will help you absorb radiation from your computer.


Number 2: The Spider Plant

This wonderful plant has the ability to absorb large amounts of pollution and clean out any harmful gases in your home or office in a very short space of time. It is a GREAT plant to keep in your home and office.


Number 3: The Desert Rose Succulent

The Desert Rose Succulent is better suited to absorb radiation from a computer, making it an ideal companion for your office desk!

Like the cactus it also doesn’t require complex care.

I am off to go and buy a little office companion for my desk!



Mandy Perkins

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